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What do we do?

8 Transactions advised in 2021
9 Transactions advised in 2022

- Financial modelling based on the key economic drivers of the company
- Financial projections to translate different development scenarios into profit/loss and cash flow
- Sensitivity analysis

- We evaluate the methodological accuracy of the business plan
- We verify the consistency of forecasts with historical commercial, accounting, and financial data
- We perform sensitivity analysis based on the realisation or non-realisation of key assumptions for future development

- We review historical accounting and financial data
- We verify the consistency of audited financial data with the information used to evaluate a potential transaction
- We identify the key financial risks associated with the project

- We secure your divestiture project by validating beforehand the accuracy and consistency of financial information provided to potential buyers
- We assist you in preparing the data room
- We handle Q&A with buyers and their advisors

We support you in structuring and executing the transaction:
- determine the amount to be raised
- structure the transaction (equity/debt/grants)
- negotiate terms and execute the transaction...
Questions about our offering for transaction services ?

Our clients are entrepreneurs and investors.

Our engagements aim at facilitating your decisions. We provide you with information that allows you to confirm - or not - your intention, and helps you to obtain appropriate financial and legal terms. We do not waste our time or your money on lengthy descriptive reports.

Transactions involving startups and SMEs require much agility to quickly perform the key analyses required to secure the transaction. Financial information often lacks in quality. We work quickly with a small team. We will provide you with the insights that matter to you, all within a budget suited to a small-scale transaction.

We only undertake fundraising missions within the scope of a CFO engagement.
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